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Dustin Smith's "Coming Alive"

Smith’s second solo effort is anything but your typical worship album for the Kansas City-based worship leader.

Jesus Culture's Justin Jarvis Talks Inspiration for "Atmospheres"

With "Atmospheres", Jarvis hopes each song extends pieces of the hope and life and love that he’s experienced through his relationship...

About A Mile: Carrying Our Cross for Jesus Christ

Sometimes the most accomplished artistry is birthed out of the most trying adversity, which coupled with the chemistry that comes from...

Michael W. Smith Relives 'Dark Days', Personal 'Miracle' with "Sovereign"

Smith recalls making Sovereign, filtering more than 100 songs down to the 12 that appear on the record, but also about his own "Miracle"...

Bethel Music: "You Make Me Brave"

Bethel Music follows the success and impact of their first all-studio release Tides with a unique and no-less-powerful project.

Rend Collective: The Art of Celebration

"The Art of Celebration" is a fun-loving concept album which, to echo the words of Belfast's own C.S. Lewis, explores the "serious...

Former FFH Vocalist Michael Boggs' "More Like a Lion"

“This quiet voice in my heart ... said, ‘I want you to be more like a lion and less like a lamb.’ I felt like the Lord was impressing...

Jason Upton: Spontaneity and a Living God

The on-cue worship leader gives an intimate look on "spontaneous worship" as seen through the story of the prodigal son.

Jason Upton: Eternity Is Now

In this part-2 interview clip, Upton profoundly shares how we are living eternity today.

Jason Upton on Living a Life of Worship

The "In Your Presence" songwriter/singer shares his thoughts on what it means to be a worshiper.


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